Love To Grow - Wave of Terror (Live at The Hideout, Fri. July 18th 2014)


Cover… (at Primitive Urges HQ)

More crap from thrifting date. (at Primitive Urges HQ)

Some garbage I brought home last week from a out of town thrifting date. (at Primitive Urges HQ)

Had a couple teeth knocked out last night…sad face… (at Primitive Urges HQ)

NXNE Saturday June 21 Handlebar, 1am!!! Be ready to get sensual with us!!! (at Primitive Urges HQ)

So, my original cover was rejected (there will be prints of it around the release of the book), so here I am, drawing it like an idiot! (at Primitive Urges HQ)

"Rebel without a clue" by visiting pal, @GrodieApeman

Script for the follow up to The Disappearance Of Charley Butters is officially underway. (at Primitive Urges HQ)

I think I finally cracked the elusive “Disappearance of Charley Butters” cover design. Maybe I’m fucking crazy? Who can say?