The book is announced and has a release date, TCAF 2015, so I thought I’d let you all have a peak at the back cover I’ve been “labouring” over. 

Is this black metal enough? It’s for the back cover of the book I’m just finishing up and need some thoughts from you fine folks. (at Primitive Urges HQ)


After days and days of designing logos for the Apeshit Simians 7”, this is all I’ve come up with. (at Primitive Urges HQ)

Some stuff for our upcoming 7” with Wave Of Terror (at Primitive Urges HQ)

Our first EP is live! Download it now and spread the love around! The title is very applicable. (at Primitive Urges HQ)

Tonight!!! Come on down!!! (at Magpie Taproom)

Picked up a few pretty great shirts for under $20, one of which is a John Severson! (at Primitive Urges HQ)

Saturday Aug 30, we hit the stage with New Horizzons at the Magpie in Toronto. 831 Dundas W. Be there, nerds! (at Primitive Urges HQ)

Ahhh….reminiscing… (at Primitive Urges HQ)